Cabourotte exposes various metrics about itself and about healthchecks on the /metrics endpoint using the Prometheus format.

Here are some interesting metrics exposed:


  • exporter_duration_seconds_bucket: The duration for the healthchecks exporters. Labels are status, which indicates if healthchecks were exported successfully or not, and name which is the exporter name.
  • exporter_duration_seconds_count: The number of events exported to exporters. The labels are the same than the previous metric.
  • result_chan_size: Healthchecks results are pushed into a Golang channel. The size of the channel is limited. This metric indicates the channel size. If healthchecks are not pushed fast enough to the exporters, this channel could be full.


  • healthcheck_duration_seconds_bucket: The duration for the healthchecks executions. This metric has a name label which is the healthcheck name.
  • healthcheck_duration_seconds_count: The number of execution for each healthchecks. It also have a name label.


  • http_requests_duration_second_bucket: The duration of HTTP requests. Labels are method, which is the HTTP method of the request, and path which is the HTTP path of the request.
  • http_requests_duration_second_count: The number of HTTP requests. Labels are the same than the previous metric.
  • http_responses_total: A counter for HTTP responses Labels are method, path and also status, which is the response HTTP status.


  • http_discovery_duration_seconds_bucket: The duration of HTTP discovery requests, as a Prometheus histogram
  • http_discovery_responses_total: A counter counting the number of HTTP discovery responses. It provides a status label (success or failure).

Go metrics

Metrics prefixed by go are golang internal metrics.

Health endpoints

Cabourotte provides the /health and /healthz endpoints. You can use them to check if Cabourotte is started or not.