The HTTP exporter allows you to push healthchecks results to Mirabelle or Riemann


Exporters should be configured in the YAML configuration file. You can see how to configure the HTTP exporter in the configuration section of the documentation

Payload format

The event will have several fields set:

  • host: The hostname of the machine where Cabourotte is running.
  • metric: the health check execution time in milliseconds.
  • service: The valie will be “cabourotte-healthcheck”.
  • description: A summary of the healthcheck and a message explaining the healthcheck result.
  • time: The healthcheck execution timestamp.
  • state: The healthcheck state (“ok” or “critical”)
  • tags: The event will be tagged “cabourotte”
  • ttl: The TTL configured in the configuration.
  • healthcheck: The healthcheck name

The healthchecks labels will also be set in the event.