The HTTP exporter allows you to push healthchecks results to an HTTP endpoint.


Exporters should be configured in the YAML configuration file. You can see how to configure the HTTP exporter in the configuration section of the documentation

Payload format

Here is an example payload sent (using HTTP POST) by the HTTP exporter for a successful DNS healthcheck:

    "name": "mcorbin-dns-check",
    "summary": "dns healthcheck example on",
    "labels": {
      "environment": "prod"
    "success": true,
    "healthcheck-timestamp": 1610744658,
    "message": "success",
    "source": "configuration",
    "duration": 414
  • name is the healthcheck name.
  • summary is a small string with some information about the healthcheck.
  • success indicates if the healthcheck was successful or not.
  • healthcheck-timestamp is when the healthcheck was executed.
  • message is a message containing success in case of a successful healthcheck, or an error message in case of a failure.
  • source is the component which created the healthcheck (api, configuration…).
  • duration is the healthcheck execution time in milliseconds.

As you can see, the payload is a list of maps. Cabourotte may batch healthchecks result in the future.